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Bike Pedaling Gardeners Water Vegeatabes and Fruits at Britain's Chelsea Flower Show

Bikes rigged to provide power for laptops, TVs, and other electronics are nothing new, but the water-recycling garden uses pedal-power for a different purpose: watering plants. The water-recycling garden, currently on display at the Chelsea Flower Garden Show in England, uses two training bikes to pump water to plants.

The system works by pumping water along a circuit to irrigate a fruit and vegetable garden. Excess water is sent to a storage tank for reuse. The garden, designed by Gerardine and Wayne Hemingway, cost $61,000 to build and contains a "living wall" with myriad fruits and veggies, including pak choi and strawberries.

Will the pedal-powered garden be the next big thing in agriculture? Maybe, for organizations with exercise-savvy employees. Couldn't Google, for example, rig up bikes in its gym to pump water onto its campus grounds? We'll find out how well the pedal-powered garden works in the real world when the Hemingways' display is transported after the Chelsea Flower Garden Show to the British town of Gateshead.

[Via Reuters]

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