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History of Information

Thomas Baekdal’s view of the history of information and where it is all going.

The flow of information has always interested me. In high school and college, I studied journalism, which in turn introduced me to advertising. I quickly migrated to the media side of the ad market as I loved  the study of media patterns, demographics, sociographics and trends. Trends seem to be coming at us faster and faster these days, as exemplified by the growth of the Web site, followed by blogs, followed by social networks and now social news. Twitter is a great example of social news, that of individuals getting raw data and distributing it rather than have reporters filter and write about it for them. Thomas Baekdal recently published a long view of the history of information with a pretty good educated guess as to where the flow is going. 

As can be seen from the chart below or by viewing the original article in the link above, he traces the history of information from “over the fence” and the local marketplace to newspapers/magazines, radio, television, web, blogs (already outmoded?) through to the newer and upcoming dominance of the social media. While the past is a given, the future is obviously harder to predict. Yet his observations are logical with social media being the dominant force over the next decade.  A worthwhile read.


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