Twittersphere – The Wild West of Social Media

I homesteaded my spot in the Twittersphere and found a land full of Spam Bots, Hash Artists and Serial Sharers.

Recently I have been hearing: “Even if you are not planning on using Twitter, claim your user name now.” The premiss is that Twitter is here to stay and it will become ubiquitous. If you want to make sure you can have the name you want, get it now before it is too late.


This sounded sensible, so I signed up and added it to the list of secondary accounts that I check in on occasionally. I also started following a couple of internet gurus to see what their tweets looked like and tweeted my 140 character review of a trade show I had been at. Name claimed, test drive completed, mission accomplished.

Then the notifications started coming in. I was collecting followers. Amazing, I thought. The Twitter notifications were outnumbering Spam. Had I uncovered a hidden talent? Was I the Hemingway of 140 character review?

Who were these fans of my single tweet? Time to login and see. I was about to find out that I had been discovered by the Sleazy Marketers and the Wannabe Social Media gurus.

I click to check the first follower’s tweets and saw a long list of headlines and links to articles about Twitter. Following you back may be the polite thing to do but I’d rather work with a search engine if I was looking for articles on Twitter.

Next fan: Links to inspirirational blog posts. I am seeing a trend here. Spend your day surfing the internet, tweet about the articles you like and occasionally reference your own blog post. You are now an expert with thousands of followers.

Next fan: Something new, a page full of hash (#) marks that looks like a badly formatted comment section in programming code. Another type of wannabe expert; This time using SEO tactics with original content to show up in search results. Too hard to read to know if what was being said was worthwhile.


A couple more of the same then I come accross the Spam Bot. Tweet after tweet of content that looks like the subject headers of Spam mail.

Twitter, the new frontier and already polluted.