SunPower Releases First Solar Monitoring iPhone App

SunPower iPhone app

SunPower’s new iPhone application makes it easy to monitor solar panel performance on the go. The application is just one part of the SunPower Monitoring System, which keeps track of SunPower solar panel performance with an in-home wall-mounted LCD display and an Internet-based program.

The iPhone app keeps track of a number of statistics, including current solar panel generating capacity, lifetime panel production, today’s production, today’s usage, and today’s net difference between production and usage.

SunPower’s iPhone app will likely have a limited appeal–it only works with SunPower solar panels–but it’s part of an increasing push by alternative energy and smart grid companies to increase the remote capabilities available for their products. GainSpan is developing iPhone applications to monitor and control home temperature, water heaters, HVAC, and lighting, and Visible Energy’s UFO Power Strip is controlled by an iPhone app.

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