Origami Secrets of the IF Mode Folding Bike Revealed [video]


The hotly anticipated IF Mode folding bike had its American debut at ICFF, and Fast Company got a sneak peak.

The buzz behind the bike comes for good reason: It’s the first folding bike with a full-sized frame and wheels, which is essential for commutes any longer than a couple miles. It’s also the brain child of one of the most innovative bike designers alive, Mark Sanders, who previously designed the Strida and has always been obsessed with enabling easy hybrid commutes–for example, from a bike to a train to a bike then to work. Both the Strida and the IF Mode are distributed by Areaware, an excellent purveyor of design. Noel Wiggins, the company’s head of product development and one of it’s founders, showed us the magic behind how the IF Mode folds up:

Granted, it’s currently priced at $2,250, but Sanders says that he’s working on a lower price point, while Wiggins says that they’re trying to hit $900–a magic number, for high-end bikes aimed at the mass market.

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