Konarka’s Roll-Up Solar Charger Is Rugged Enough for Camping

konarka solar film

Konarka made headlines last year when it announced the creation of the world’s largest roll-to-roll thin film solar manufacturing facility. Now the solar company has revealed plans to use its plastic thin film solar technology to make a rugged portable roll-up charger. Konarka’s charger is still in the development stages, but the company says it could be on sale by the fall with options for a cheap direct power unit or a more expensive rechargeable battery.

Solar companies like Solio have already released camping-ready solar chargers, but Konarka’s looks like it could be rolled in the dirt and kicked around without causing any damage. The prototype charger also has more solar cells than most other portable chargers–rugged or not–so don’t be surprised if Konarka’s product becomes the next must-have camping accessory.

Sneak peak of roll-up solar charger by Konarka from Karl Burkart on Vimeo.