Yves Behar Reveals His Inner Glow With Anima Terra


Yves Behar is set to unveil his newest creation this weekend at the just opened extension wing of the Art Institute of Chicago. It’s a departure from his design work–as one in a series of “laboratory works,” it’s a purely sculptural creation called “Anima Terra,” a living landscape animated by glowing LED lights which continually change colors. “For this work I was inspired by an idea that has become a recurring theme in my work–the use of light to symbolise the “inner glow” or “life within” an otherwise static object,” says Behar. “Today, everything has an inner light in our lives (computer screens, TVs, the spaces we live in) and I have attempted to translate this concept into form through the metaphor of an abstracted landscape.”

The new work will be in good company: It’s part of the permanent collection, in the newly completed modern wing of the Art Institute at Chicago, which has been a decade in the making and contains the the museum’s modern and contemporary holdings in art, design, architecture and photography. You can read more about the museum here.

Anima Terra

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