Tony Hawks Game Gets Uber-Real With Motion-Sense Skateboard

Given the success of Tony Hawk’s skateboarding video game franchise, a plug-in peripheral that brings players closer to the real thing was inevitable. And now details have emerged that Hawk is releasing an electronic skateboard, packed with sensors–all it lacks is wheels.

Tony Hawk Ride

Hawk’s new peripheral is a skateboard-shaped controller that carries advanced motion sensors to track your movements as you wiggle it around your living room floor. As well as accelerometers that monitor your attempts to ollie, rail ride or jump. The board’s even been designed with infra-red sensors along the side that detect if you’re going for a special-effect stunt like a board grab. 

Hawk has wanted to make a peripheral-based game for awhile, but the technology has only just become available–I suspect the raging success of the motion-sensing Nintendo Wii may have something to do with the decision to release the new game too. While the Nintendo balance board certainly makes some of the Wii’s games more fun, and without doubt places you much more in the action–I’m talking Winter Sports here–it’s really no match for a dedicated controller in the shape of a skateboard. Or so a couple of thousand teenagers will be telling their moms in a month or so. Activision has plans beyond the Wii, though, and the board looks like it’ll also be coming in Xbox 360 and PS3 compatible versions along with its game: Tony Hawk Ride.

It does make you wonder where the motion-sense trend will take us. Will we be getting a sensor-stuffed baseball bat for the next-gen Grand Theft Auto

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