Teridian Measures Energy Efficiency on a Chip


Teridian Semiconductor’s new system-on-a-chip is an energy information powerhouse, integrating a processor, firmware and data about the electricity use of power strips, data centers, and appliances. Teridian claims it’s the first system-on-a-chip to measure electricity use. Information gathered from the chip (current, voltage, power factor) can be transported from a USB drive or other communications port to a computer. Once Teridian integrates wireless technology into the device, users will be able to transport information directly from the chip to a desktop.

The technology in Teridian’s system-on-a-chip has previously been used to measure electricity for smart meter providers, but the new chip is Teridian’s first move into home and office management.  Initially, Teridian will aim to put its device in computer power supplies and power strips–a giant market, according to the company. Teridian hopes to eventually put the chip in pool pumps, air conditioners, and refrigerators. So one day, you may be able to get instant feedback on the energy consumption of your fridge directly on your computer.

Despite its novel system-on-a-chip, Teridian has plenty of competition in the wireless sensor network arena. Companies like Ember, Sentilla, and Tendril are all working on their own sensor networks for both home and commercial use.

[Via Earth2Tech]