At Last: OXO’s First Line of Office Products

At Last: OXO’s First Line of Office Products

This week, OXO Good Grips unveiled its new line of office products, and all of them have the polished ergonomics and clever functionality that are the company’s calling card. For now, they’re available exclusively through Staples.


OXO, armed with clever work by Smart Design, has become a powerhouse in small kitchen tools–the company has gone from a start-up in 1990 to well over $275 million in annual sales today, thanks to so-called “Universal Design,” which basically boils down to an extreme focus on ergonomics. The new line has 20 office products in all. Here’s our pick, for the eight best:

A folding ruler that expands to 16 inches, but can still be used when it’s half-sized:

OXO folding ruler

Scissors with a switch that allows a safe “box cutter setting”–thus eliminating those times when you open your scissors wide and cut your hand, trying to cut open boxes:

OXO scissors

A hole punch that expands for leverage and folds closed for compact storage:

OXO hole punch

A mini stapler with hinges that improve leverage, so you can punch through more paper:

OXO mini stapler

A handheld stapler, with a button in back and releases the front-loading staple tray:

OXO handheld stapler

A pen holder with a non-slip, weighted bottom (finally):

OXO pen holder

A retractable permanent marker that doesn’t dry out–So no more lost caps, and dead felt tips:

OXO marker

A thumb-tack dispenser with a magnetized end that pulls tacks out of the container:

OXO thumb-tack dispenser

Check out the rest of the designs here.

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