Best Buy to Enter the Electric Bike Business

ultra motor a2b

Consumer electronics chain Best Buy revealed in February that it plans to sell the $12,000 Brammo Enertia electric bicycle in California stores, but the retailer hinted last week that it will actually sell a range of electric vehicles. Speculation has been heating up since then about which vehicles will be sold, but it turns out the answer has been available for over a week in an obscure source–Bicycle Retailer and Industry News.

The site claims that select Best Buy stores will sell six models of Curry Technologies’ Izip electric bike, with prices ranging from $499 to $2000. Best Buy will also begin to stock Ultra Motors’ A2B bikes priced somewhere around $2,600. Initially, the bikes will be available in 20 locations, but Best Buy says that the roll-out might be expanded in time for Christmas–essentially launching electric bikes into the big time.

Best Buy confirmed months ago that the in-store Geek Squad will perform “level one” repairs on the Brammo bike–perhaps the Squad will also work its magic on other electric bikes in the store.

[Bicycle Retailer via Autobloggreen]

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