• 05.11.09

Connecting With Computers Through Mud

Tom Gerhardt’s mud computer, one of the projects on display at NYU’s ITP spring show 2009, is a keyboard replacement made entirely of the squishy stuff. According to Gerhardt, the Mud Tub pioneers a "new open-ended interaction typology where prescriptive goals are centered around states, rather than specific user manipulation".


It’s hard to imagine a situation where the Mud Tub would be more useful than a traditional keyboard. Gizmodo suggests that the mud UI could assist designers in modeling buildings, car fenders, and other physical objects. But could the mud hold position long enough to create a model of anything substantial? Regardless, Gerhardt’s Mud Tub proves that we can connect computers to nature in a very real way.


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Ariel Schwartz is a Senior Editor at Co.Exist. She has contributed to SF Weekly, Popular Science, Inhabitat, Greenbiz, NBC Bay Area, GOOD Magazine and more.