Today’s Best Design Links

Here’s a roundup of interesting design stories around the web, for today, May 11th.

Rem Koolhaas recently finished up the Prada Transformer–a big, temporary building which can sit on any one of its four sides, creating different exhibition spaces inside. Arch Daily has terrific photos taken of the building, by Iwan Baan:


Simon Schubert’s charming drawings–comprised merely of folds on a sheet of paper:  


The Master of Minimalism, Naoto Fukasawa, has a beautiful new line of household goods for Plusminuszero. Not a single edge or detail wasted.


A ghostly series of vases, mirrors, tables and lamps which have blurred surfaces, making it seem like the piece is disappearing before your eyes


Wallpaper is canvasing designers and creatives, and asking them to curate online exhibits of brilliant everyday objects. Here’s one by clothing designer Paul Smith. In his younger days, Smith was a competitive cyclist before suffering a career-ending injury; naturally, he chose a Mercian bike--they’re still made near his childhood home, and they’re hands down some of the world’s most beautiful rides: