A WorkQuake(TM) Perspective on the Workplace

Just read the Inc. Magazine article about how Springfield ReManufacturing Corp. and CEO Jack Stack (“The Great Game of Business”) are weathering the latest manifestation of the WorkQuake(tm) – the Recession.

Stuff Mr. Stack said that I like and agree with:

“a job is never secure.”  Isn’t it more apparent than ever that every person working in the U.S. economy – hell, in the world economy! – better treat themselves as Free Agents and their jobs as temporary?

“a layoff is the failure of management.  But the people who usually pay for that failure are not the ones responsible for it.”  How can a company expect loyalty from its employees if management is not held accountable for the success/failure of the company?  And I don’t care if it isn’t “their” fault because it certainly isn’t the fault of the employees who are going to lose their jobs!  If a company wants loyalty then when someone (i.e. the front line worker) has to pay the price for failure for any reason then everyone has to pay the same price.  No one can be exempt. Just another reason to implement wage/hour reductions rather than layoffs.

are you leveraging the mental capacity of everyone in your organization?”  Companies in the WorkQuake (TM) – that means every company needs to use all their resources = every employee’s brain.  Companies that don’t do this are either so filled with hubris they believe only “the leaders” can have the answer or are afraid that an answer from someone else might gore their ox.

The article kinda got my blood up.  How’s the temperature of your blood these days?