Northern Power Systems Turns Wind Energy into an Educational Experience


Northern Power Systems unveiled a community wind power package for schools earlier this week at WINDPOWER 2009 featuring a turbine meant for school use and an accompanying educational package.

As part of the package, schools get a low-maintenance 100 kilowatt Northwest 100 wind turbine, a web-based monitoring and reporting system, a wind power curriculum set, a demonstration kiosk (presumably for the school’s lobby), and a public access website with real-time monitoring capabilities.

The educational package is an ideal way for Northern Power Systems to promote itself (impressionable young minds!) while also teaching kids about renewable energy. It’s part of a growing trend of schools using on-site alternative energy sources as teaching fodder. The Solar School Initiative lists schools in Illinois, Ohio and California that use solar power as a classroom tool and the multi-state Wind for Schools program aims to use small wind turbines to educate kids about wind power.

Over 80 schools in the U.S. have wind turbines and hundreds more have solar panels. Keep an eye out for more alternative energy companies with the foresight to capitalize on this growing industry.

[Northern Power Systems via Treehugger]