Highlights From the PSFK Conference [video]

The PSFK Conference just wrapped last month in New York, and a couple of standout talks have made their way to the web. One poses the question: Is a woman in romantic love with the Berlin Wall really so different from you and me? Another wonders: Why don’t video games market to non-whites?

First up is Kevin Slavin, founder of the game developer Area/Code. Slevin reminds us of a woman so smitten with the Berlin Wall that she married it–she speaks of their souls being “entwined.” That might be easy to write off as a fetish–and it is in fact a recognized condition–but Slavin points out how thoroughly the Berlin woman’s love mirrors the relationships we’re already developing with our gadgets, as they become more entertaining and more interactive. As we become more gadget dependent, interactive gadgets also depend more on us, thus reorienting our place in the world:

Next up, Celestine Arnold, a creative consultant in New York. You might think virtual worlds would be totally devoid of race, given that the marketing often assumes a white male player and the world’s themselves are hyper real. But racism, as Arnold points out, spills over in ugly ways online. Which she thinks actually presents a vast opportunity to create games for multi-cultural players:

[Via PSFK]