• 05.05.09

Race Car Made From Vegetables–Fuelled by Chocolate–Goes for a Test Spin

The Internet has been buzzing about the WorldFirst ecoF3 vehicle, a race car made from vegetables that runs on chocolate-derived biofuels, for the past month.


The Formula 3 car, which can reach top speeds of 135 mph, has a steering wheel made from carrots and other root vegetables, and runs on a 2-liter BMW turbodiesel powered by Cadbury chocolate waste-derived biofuels. The car seat is also made from soybean oil, recycled polyester and plant-based lubricants, and the side pod is made from recycled bottles. The construction of Warwick’s F3 vehicle was sponsored by the racing team Lola Cars along with 15 other partners.


We probably won’t see the WorldFirst car on Formula 3 tracks any time soon–F3 rules currently prohibit biodiesel cars from competition–but the vehicle is an example of how a sport that burns up gas for kicks can be made just a little bit greener with ingenuity. 

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[Via UK Daily Mail]

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