An Ingenious Hybrid Map: Why Didn’t Garmin Think of This?

Bold new concepts in mapping don’t come along often, but London-based graphic designers Jack Schulze and Matt Webb may have invented one, with the “Here and There” map, which blends both a 3-D, first-person view and a bird’s-eye view, thanks to a bending layout: 


Ingenious, right? The designers have written up an interesting backgrounder on the influences behind their idea of “horizonless projection”–from old hiking maps to Google Earth. But probably the most interesting is video games such as Halo and Grand Theft Auto. As they point out, the floating map in the corner breaks up play. How much better would it be to have a curving map ahead of you, like theirs? (They also name check a curious source of inspiration: Apparently in Luigi’s Mansion, for Nintendo Game Cube, Luigi can pull out a Game Boy Advance and access a map on it during play.) 

Though the designers are only offering two versions of the poster for sale, you have to wonder at the applications–The most obvious being GPS units. Consider this one of many new innovations in interactivity we’ll be seeing, as the video-game generation comes of age. 

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