Going MiaGreen in Miami

Riding the green wave to Miami

The green wave is rapidly spreading out in many ways, including new geographical locations.  Although green has grown greatly it is still not spread evenly around the globe.  Cities like San Francisco, Portland, and New York are known for their green efforts, but green is also growing in many other towns and states, and in other parts of the world like Latin America.    


I just got back from going to the Hudson Valley last week and I’ll be speaking at the MiaGreen 2009 conference being held in Miami Beach on June 11 and 12, talking about opportunities and strategies for businesses to make money and help the environment (yes, you can do both).  Bringing together governments, non-profits, educators, and businesses, meetings like this serve as focal points for making valuable connections and generating innovation, propelling businesses rapidly forward as they ride the green wave to new regions and new opportunities. 

Another way the green wave is spreading is by growing deeper, with more people getting involved from many different backgrounds.  The list of participants at meetings like MiaGreen includes many of the groups you associate with green, including the US Green Building Council, and the Florida Green Building Council, working to make our buildings more efficient and healthier for their occupants.  The green wave includes businesses delivering innovative green technologies like Green Eco Sys, and those selling services for green businesses to get started and grow, including marketing companies like Creative Mindworks and environmental consultants like Eco Advisors.  Environmental non-profits like the Environmental Coalition of Miami play an important role in advancing the eco-agenda, but the green wave is also growing through the businesses and business groups like the Chamber of Commerce who are not traditionally focused on the environment, but are realizing the opportunity that green provides for their members to save money and grow their business.      

As the wave grows, valuable information is provided at meetings like MiaGreen, not just about the environmental problems we face, but the practical solutions that are available for businesses and those seeking jobs.  Greening buildings requires practical information about LEED certification, government incentives, opportunities for water conservation, and how to save money through energy efficiency.  Getting all of this information in one place is like hitting the fast forward button to advance more rapidly than would otherwise be possible.

Now is the time of greatest opportunity, as the wave continues to grow and build.  Green is at a critical juncture, where it has grown greatly, but still has huge growth ahead.  Businesses that make the right connections now can catch the wave early and ride it farther as green continues to grow.  Those who hesitate might just lose out.  Hope to see you in Miami. 


About the author

Glenn Croston is the author of "75 Green Businesses" and "Starting Green", and the founder of Starting Up Green, helping green businesses to get started and grow.