Samsung Does the Impossible: Creates ‘Finger Slim’ and Energy-Efficient Plasma TV


Samsung announced this weekend that it plans to do what was once considered impossible: Manufacture an energy-efficient plasma TV. The company’s HD 850 PDP “Finger Slim” is only 29 millimeters thick–just 1.15 inches from front to back–and is supposedly 40% more energy-efficient than traditional plasma TVs.

The Finger Slim, can handle full HD 1080p pictures and features DLNA support as well as a USB 2.0 port for DivX and MP3 playback. Samsung has yet to release pricing and release date information, but the company does say that the Finger Slim will be available in 50- and 58-inch versions.

Samsung is also coming to market with super-thin OLED displays, but those tend to have a top size of around 30 inches. OLEDs contain minimal parts and are also major power savers–they use 50% less power than LCDs. But plasma has one big advantage here: the technology is already on the market, whereas the first OLED screens are not going to be widely available until next year.

[Via Akihabara News]