• 05.04.09

Shawn Baldwin from CMG with Lewis Ranieri

Shawn Baldwin from CMG in Chicago with Lew Ranieri at the 2009 Milken Global Conference

Pictured with me here is none other than Lewis Ranieri. Lewie is the founder of the Hyperion Private Equity Funds and Chairman and/or Director of various other non-operating entities owned directly and indirectly by Hyperion. He is also Chairman, CEO and President of Ranieri & Co. Inc. In addition, he is Chairman of American Financial Realty Trust, Capital Lease Funding Inc. (both IPO’s he graciously allowed me to participate in) along with Computer Associates International Inc., Franklin Bank Corp. and Root Markets Inc. Prior to forming Hyperion, Ranieri was vice chairman of Salomon Brothers Inc. He is generally regarded as the “father” of the securitized mortgage market; he helped develop capital markets as a source of funds for housing and commercial real estate, and led efforts to obtain federal legislation to support and build the market. He has served on the National Association of Home Builders Mortgage Roundtable since 1989. He was inducted into the National Housing Hall of Fame and is the recipient of a lifetime achievement award given by the Fixed Income Analysts Society Inc. Ranieri serves as a trustee of Environmental Defense Inc. and the Metropolitan Opera Association, and is chairman of the board of the American Ballet Theatre.

About the author

Shawn D. Baldwin is Chairman of the AIA Group (AIA), an alternative investment and advisory firm based in Chicago.