• 05.04.09

Shawn Baldwin from CMG with Nobel Laureate Dr. Gary S. Becker

Shawn Baldwin from CMG in Chicago with Dr. Gary Becker at the 2009 Milken Global Conference

Pictured with me is none other than Dr. Gary Stanley Becker is an economist and a Nobel laureate.  Dr. Becker earned a B.A. at Princeton and a Ph.D. at The University of Chicago. Dr. B taught at  Columbia but returned to The University of Chicago. Dr. Becker holds joint appointments with the departments of Economics and Sociology, and the Booth School of Business(formerly GSB).  Dr. Becker won the John Bates Clark medal and won a laureate for the Nobel prize in Economics in 1992, and he also received the United States’ Presidential medal of Freedom in 2007.


Dr. Becker was one of the first economists to branch into what were traditionally considered topics belonging to sociology, including racial discrimination, crime, family organization, and drug addiction. He is known for arguing that many different types of human behavior can be seen as rational and utility maximizing. His approach can include altruistic behavior by defining individuals’ utility appropriately. He is also among the foremost exponents of the study of human capital.

About the author

Shawn D. Baldwin is Chairman of the AIA Group (AIA), an alternative investment and advisory firm based in Chicago.