Google Rents Goats to Replace Lawnmowers and Fertilizer


First we learned that Bayer Health rented 1,450 sheep to graze grass on its Richmond, California campus. Now Google has informed us that they are taking a similar approach to landscaping by renting goats from California Grazing to cut its grass.

The goats supposedly cost the same as traditional lawnmowing, but emit much less carbon and don’t spew engine exhaust– and they provide more comic relief. A herder periodically brings 200 goats onto campus, where they spend a week grazing on grass and fertilizing it with their poop. The goats, which have been spotted by one Google staffer west of the main campus soccer field, are herded by a border collie named Jen.

Information Week suggests that Google should just let the grass on its campus go wild, but perhaps Bayer and Google are sparking a new trend: corporate animal grazing. 

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