See-Through Sink Trap is So Clever Your Plumber Will Hate It


The best industrial design is rare but always, in retrospect, head-slappingly obvious. Take this sink trap, which just took home a Platinum Award for Design Excellence. It’s clear, so that you can see exactly what sort of gunk is stuck inside. Plus, if there is a clog, a knob attached to a wiper inside the pipe can be opened to clear debris away–thus eliminating a whole slew of problems. No need to call a plumber, remove the elbow, or pour toxic Drano into the sink to un-clog the drain. And the wiper itself can be used to bring lost jewelry up from the crook of the pipe, so that it’s easy to fish out (and you can of course see your work):

We’re thinking this is one product that plumbers don’t want you to know about. 

[Via Core 77]