Breathing Bud Shines a Light on Bad Air


It might not save you from swine flu, but the Breathing Bud device can at least warn you when air quality is shoddy. The concept device, designed by Xinxin Wang and Zhi Chai, contains a vent at its base that sucks in air for quality analysis. If the air is pure, a beaming blue light shines. If the air is not so great, a pink light pops up. The Breathing Bud derives all its power from your computer’s USB port.

The device could be useful for asthma sufferers, but what exactly are you supposed to do if air quality is poor? Open the window? That will only make things worse if you live in a congested city. The best solution might just be to invest in an air purifier and call it a day–or if you have some cash to spare, look into this $750 air purifying device that supposedly keeps virus microbes at bay.



[Via Yanko Design]AS