Google Brings Location-Based Search to Your PC

Google has made GPS-based search for mobile phones a reality, but what if you want to search near the location of your computer? Just last week, the company’s Toolbar team answered the question by announcing a “My Location” feature for PCs.

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Unlike most PC-based location services, Google’s doesn’t just use IP-based location information to drive local search results, but also uses nearby Wi-Fi hotspots to triangulate more exactly your real location. Of course, it wouldn’t be a Google product if they didn’t promise complete anonymity (read: no evilness) to My Location users.

The My Location rollout is part of a larger initiative by the company’s Web team to grow functionality in its new “Toolbar Labs,” modeled on the Google Labs that brought us Gmail, Picasa, and Google Moderator, among other products. (Gmail now has its own Labs, too).

Sadly, Toolbar with My Location is only compatible with Internet Explore version 6.0+, so if you’re a Mozilla or Safari fan, you’ll have to wait.

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