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I have come to the conclusion that most (maybe all) business and strategy books are useless. They over-generalize. They offer little value.  I go in with such high expectations, based on reviews and descriptions, and am almost universally disappointed. 

For a project that I am working on, I want to be find the business and strategy books that do help, that really deliver value.  I want to find the must reads. 

I want books that offer guidance and support on how to start and run a effective businesses and organizations.  I'm looking for authors who really understand how to change people's minds or understand their behavior.  I know there must be a book out there that can help me (and others) to be organized and efficient, creative, and successful.  And of course, I want to find a book that offers really good advice on how to break through and make a difference/impact in today's connected society.

I have been trying for years, with nothing to show for it.  So now, I am asking for help.

1) Are you an author of a business or strategy book that believes what you wrote is really good?  Will you send me a copy or a summary — and make the case for why your book is worth reading (and sharing)?

2) Are you a publisher of business or strategy books with a staple of authors who you think really 'gets it'? Will you recommend a book or author, send me a copy or a summary — and make the case for why you think I should spend time with your book(s) over something else?

3) Do you have favorite business or strategy books — ones that have changed your life, opened your eyes to a new way of thinking, or become the book you give you tell everyone they have to read to succeed?  Will you tell me what books (or if not a whole book, what chapter, or particular section) had that result — and help me to understand what you found valuable?

If there are business and strategy books that really are worth reading, I want to build a library of them — and begin to hand them out to people who I work with, work for, and provide advice to.  I know the value that books can provide in helping to shape people's thinking and support their intellectual development.  I just haven't found any business books that provide that kind of value.

Here is my plan/promise:

- I will read and provide my thoughts on every book that someone argues is worth reading, or sent to me to review.  I will post thoughts here and cross promote everything I share on other blogs I support, through my twitter feed, in podcasts, and similar.

- I will talk with any author who wants to make the case for why their book is great and share the back-and-forth between us for all to appreciate.

- When I settle on a book that is worth reading, ends up on my shelf permanently, or becomes something that I will hand out — I will shout it from the rooftops, write blog posts and articles selling its virtues, and buy copies for people I work with, work for, and provide advice to.


I have wasted too much time reading books (and other information) people say will teach me something, change my life, give me guidance on how to succeed, or satisfy my curious.  Most of the time the book simply doesn't live up to its billing.  Please help me find the must-reads.

If you can help, leave a comment below, Email me (breich [at] gmail dot com), send me a message on twitter ( or Facebook, or LinkedIn.  Whatever, just send me a message and let's figure this out together.