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Drawing on Brilliance

How can you even think about work/life balance when you fear you may be the next to be laid off? Because this economy needs you!

The powerful forces behind our rapidly changing global economy are squeezing out business models that were never designed to sustain this level of change. Yet these same forces are also shining a bright light on new, unfilled needs. Anyone aware enough to spot them has the opportunity to step up and fill them. The disruptions in this economy have leveled the playing field to where we all have an equal opportunity to compete and win.

Every company’s most compelling needs, by definition, have not been filled. You could have the answer they are already looking for.

The following steps for innovation are courtesy of Jackie Basset, CEO of BT Industrials, Inc.  She works with other CEOs to leverage innovation, turning problems into profits. She can be reached by emailing

Step One:
Stop waiting for "things to get better".  We’ve faced tough economies before and it was only when we took action that things got better.  Email Jackie for a free soft copy of Roger Babson’s book ‘Cheer Up! Better Times Are Ahead’ written in 1932!

Step Two:
Take an inventory of everything you do really well. Don’t concern yourself with whether or not you’ve done it in the past as a job. Did you know that the top 10 in demand jobs in 2010 didn't exist in 2004? Watch this

Having a hard time? Ask your colleagues for their most candid, first responses and be ready to listen. I guarantee you what they say will be exactly what you have always wanted to ‘be’ when you were a child.

Step Three:
Change how you value what you have to offer a world that needs answers. Think you can’t compete with the likes of Vint Cerf and Robert Kahn, who received the Presidential Medal of Freedom in recognition of the work that built the Internet? Says who?

Remember, two bicycle shop repairmen from Ohio solved a problem that centuries of masters, including Aristotle and DaVinci, could not. By solving the problem of controlled flight, Orville and Wilbur Wright created an entire new industry and millions of jobs.

Discouraged because your product idea needs a lot of money or there are competitors already out there? In a similarly challenging economy Josephine Cochran built a company around all she had: an idea for a better dishwasher.  Not the inventor and an impoverished widow, she created what we now know as KitchenAid.

Step Four:
Recognize that the level of change out there today has disrupted every industry. This is a market ripe with opportunity for everyone willing to pick up his or her glove and get in the game.

Need more inspiration? Here is a community of contributions where everyone can add their new ideas, knowledge and insights. Draw on the brilliance of the masters, one great idea at a time:

We achieve true work/life balance when what we "do" is who we really are. This economy is starving for new revenue sources; new answers to our most compelling problems.  This economy needs you!

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Roger Babson’s Book ‘Cheer Up! Better Times Are Ahead’ written in 1932
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