How Safe is Food Packaging?


After Nalgene was accused of putting Bisphenol A (BPA)–a chemical linked to breast cancer and early puberty– in its water bottles, the embarrassed company quickly stopped using it. But Nalgene is far from the only company to use BPA in its products, and a new report from Green Century Capital Management and As You Sow proves that many companies still use BPA in product packaging despite knowledge of its health risks.

The Seeking Safer Packaging report looked at 20 major packaging companies in the food industry and found that every single one of them still uses BPA. Surveyed food packagers include heavyweights like Kellogg, General Mills, Kraft, Hershey, and PepsiCo. While the report notes that ” none of the companies presented clear plans for the phasing out of BPA,” some of the food packagers have begun researching BPA alternatives. Hain Celestial says it will begin transitioning to BPA-free packaging in some of its products later this year, and Heinz is working on removing the substance from its baby food cans and jars. 

Overall, though, the companies have a long way to go. Food packagers may be forced to shape up soon–a bill was introduced last month to Congress that could establish a federal ban on BPA in all food and beverage containers. And some states, including California, Washington, and Minnesota, are considering their own bans of the substance.

[Via Social Funds]