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Prayer-Powered LED Lighting


Designer Taikkun Li's Prayer Wheel Energy Generator proves that praying can actually have immediate earthly benefits.  Li's device is essentially a Tibetan prayer wheel outfitted with used bicycle parts and a discarded fan motor. When tourists spin the wheel, energy is harvested and used for street LED lighting.

Li claims, " This invention supplements an inadequate and unreliable electrical grid with the power of electricity generated by tourism. By combining the low-cost efficiency and long life of 21st century LED lighting, with the simple 20th century efficiency of a bicycle, the Prayer Wheel Generator uses the best of high and low technologies."

The Prayer Wheel Energy Generator isn't the first sustainable prayer wheel—a 11 year-old Australian girl created a wind turbine in the shape of a prayer wheel in 2003 and Lotus Energy sells solar-powered prayer wheels—but it is the first to let people actively take part in power generation with a spin of the wheel.

[Via Core77]