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The Year's Best Magazine Design

The Society of Publication Designers, SPD, announced the finalists for its yearly magazine design awards. This year's entrants are terrific eye candy. The awards are considered one of the industry's premier laurels. There are too many to list in a single blog post, so we've culled some highlights for you:

Blender, under creative director Dirk Barnett, underwent a complete redesign this year, and was shouted out for that effort in the Redesign category, in addition to several section spreads such as this one:


 David Curcurito also got a section-spread nod, for his work in Esquire:


Fred Woodward, of GQ, is already a giant in the field for bringing original graphic design to the forefront:


A stunning and witty work for W, directed by Edward Leida:


In the photography awards, Edward Burtynsky, who has photographed man's impact on the environment for many years, produced a stunning photo essay on rock quarries, for Dwell:



SPD breaks up its awards into multiple and single-page categories. Here are some winners from the single-page photography section. Bon Appetite, under the creative direction of Matthew Lenning:

Bon Appetite

Fortune, under Robert Perino:


Illustration was very strong this year. Edward del Rosario's quiet, poetic work for The New York Times Magazine:

The New York Times Magazine

Hope Gangloff is a very talented young artist and illustrator. Here's her work for New York:

New York

Maira Kalman—a superstar among illustrators and a founder, with her late husband Tibor, of the massively influential M&Co—for Departures:


On to single-page illustrations. Bryan Christie for the now-deceased Conde Nast Portfolio:


Christoph Niemann—a regular in The New York Times—for Money:


A brilliant photo illustration by Andrew Nimmo and Beth Bartholomew for Vanity Fair, which says a lot more about Bob Dylan's mind space than most 4,000 word profiles:

Vanity Fair

Infomation graphics are white-hot these days, and they got their own awards section. Catalogue Tree is among the best in the business. For Fortune, they represented the relative sizes of the Fortune 500 with bubbles corresponding to yearly revenues:

Fortune 500

Scott Stowell, creative director for GOOD:


Scott Dadich, of Wired, is only in his early 30s, but he's made the magazine into one of the most admired in the design world. He's been a regular in the SPD awards since he worked at Texas Monthly. Here, he commissioned Stephen Doyle for an illustration of global crop yields:


Judging by this crop American graphic design—-which for a long time has been a step-child on the international scene—is stronger than ever. Your thoughts? Favorites? You can view all of the finalists here