How Do You Create a Technology Revolution? By Telle Whitney, CEO, Anita Borg Institute

Learn from Mitchell Baker of the Mozilla Foundation.



In my last two blogs I talked about the winners of the Anita
Borg Institute Women of Vision
award winners, and today I wrap up this series talking about Mitchell Baker,
the Women of Vision winner for leadership,.


Mitchell Baker
is the chairperson of the Mozilla Foundation, and former CEO of Mozilla
Corporation. Mozilla’s best known
product is Firefox. Software is an
increasingly competitive business, but what is unusual and inspiring is that
the Firefox product not only is a strong competitor for becoming the top
internet browser, but the product is developed and supported by the open source
community. Developers from all over the
world, on a volunteer basis, contribute to the Firefox product.


Mitchell is a lawyer, but she is legendary in the technology
community. She developed the innovative
and influential Mozilla Public License, which provides open source guidelines
for their development community.


When Firefox 3 was released on Jun 17, 2009, Mozilla
saw 8.3 million users download the
software in just 24 hours. A week later that number surpassed 20 million. The
Firefox browser continues to gain market share, and has become a serious
contender in the browser wars.


What Mitchell is known for is bringing together an
international development community. She
travels around the world, visiting the Mozilla volunteer development
communities in Switzerland, Korea, France,
India, Germany, England,
and many other places.


Mitchell Baker, together with Yuqing Gao, and Jan Cuny are
truly Women of Vision.