Reegle: Google for Renewable Energy?


It won’t cut into Google’s traffic any time soon, but the reegle search engine could be a boon to renewable energy information addicts. The search engine, provided by the Renewable Energy and Efficiency Partnership (REEEP) and Renewable Energy Network for the 21st Century (REN21), contains a Web search function, a catalog of leading clean energy stakeholders and a news feed that collects stories from 10 leading environmental, energy efficiency, and renewable energy news sites. Reegle also has a slew of widgets that let users track their carbon footprint, calculate savings from using eco-friendly paper products, and more.

The defining feature of reegle is its searchable global map, which lets users click on a location and find out the latest news, events, and clean energy developments in the area. It’s part of a trend in the cleantech world of mapping resources and developments. Just today, the NRDC released a map that examines the cleantech building potential of different U.S. states.

Reegle’s search engine isn’t very advanced yet. A search for “solar” yields a first page with links to only four different sources out of 10 results. Subsequent pages aren’t much better. But every search engine takes time to develop, so it might be worth checking back on reegle in a few months.