Tricklestar’s Trickleswitch Combats PC Vampire Power

PC TrickleSwitch

The Tricklestar PC Standby Power Saver, released in January, promises to reduce household energy use by 12% by automatically cutting off electricity to PC peripherals when your computer is off. Today Tricklestar announced an add-on device to the Power Saver–just in case a 12% slash in energy use isn’t enough.

The TrickleSwitch adds an extra element of control to the Standby Power Saver by letting you manually switch on and off PC  peripherals while the device is in use. Tricklestar’s TrickleSwitch connects to a standard USB connector and can be plugged into the Standby Power Saver with a second USB connector. While it’s meant for use with the Standby Power Saver, the TrickleSwitch can also be used with other smart power strips like the Wattstopper Plug Load Control and the Smart Strip Power Strip. The device comes complete with an adhesive sticker to mount to your desktop and a LED light that displays power status.

Tricklestar hasn’t yet released pricing information, but the company claims that the TrickleSwitch will be available after June 1.

If smart power strips aren’t your thing, check out P3’s Kill-a-Watt, a $20 device that lets you monitor consumption of any electronic device by the kilowatt-hour.

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