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Flip's Ultra HD Camcorder Battles Genius and Kodak for Your Pocket

Just weeks after being purchased by Cisco, Flip appears to be releasing a new device in its hugely successful range of pocket-friendly digital palmcorders. The Ultra HD was purchased at Best Buy for $200 by a fan, who spared no time posting all about it on his Web site. Although the Ultra HD's specs are an improvement on previous Flip camcorders, it's got a lot of competition courtesy of upcoming devices from Genius and Kodak.

Flip Ultra HDThe Ultra HD's body is far chunkier than the previous version of the Flip (the Mino). This extra room has allowed for an HDMI socket, so you can stream your recorded video directly to an HDTV. It still records in 720p, just like the MinoHD, but there are some suggestions about an extra 4GB of memory inside—that should mean it can record two hours on 8GB. There is speculation about improvements to the sensor, and maybe a new video engine. One thing that's clear is that it has a removable rechargeable battery that is also compatible with standard AA cells, significantly improving the utility of the device.

We'll have to wait for official confirmation from Flip to get the full spec, and official pricing, of course.

G-shothd54 Genius, meanwhile, is soon to release its HD250 device (picture right). It's a similar pocket-friendly camera, recording "5-megapixel" video—which seems higher than 1020p—and 11-megapixel stills. It accepts up to 8GB of memory on SD-card, has a 2.5-inch screen that can rotate up to 270 degrees to allow you to shoot from different angles easily. We received a release on this product, but so far no images have been made available (email them to us if you have them).

The HD250 is due to cost just $149. Add Kodak's upcoming $150 Z1x to the mix, and the battle to get an HD palmcorder into your pocket is on.

[via Gaxonline]

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