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    As President Obama approaches his 100th day in office (April 29th), he is being criticized for trying to do too much to fast.  But is that even possible? During a crisis can a leader actually be to fast and to furious? While I am definitely not a fan of President Obama’s policies and proposed programs, I believe this proactive approach to a crisis of confidence is required, not only from the President of the United States, but also from every company that wants to succeed in the Post Recession Economy.  Here is why I am strongly recommending to all my clients that its time for be fast and furious:    Ø      The Worst Is Over:  There is no reason for a company’s leaders to still have the "deer-in-the-headlights" look.  At this point, the company has taken the worst the recession has to give and it is still standing.  The necessary layoffs, pay cuts and cost cutting measures have been implemented. While there will be bad days ahead, the worst of the recession is over.  Now it is time for companies to give themselves a pat on the back for surviving, stop being victims of the recession and begin planning for their success in the Post-Recession Economy.  That means changing the Organizational Mindset by… Ø      Stop hoping the "good old days" will return:  The "good old days" are gone, never to return. Speeded up by the sudden restructuring of the economy, the transition from the Industrial Economy Mindset to the reality of the Knowledge Economy - the WorkQuake™ - has moved into its last stage. This does not mean there won’t be "good days", but it does mean they won’t come as easy as they did Pre-Recession.  It’s a waste of time and energy to continue to pine for the "good old days."  Instead to be successful in the new reality of the Knowledge Economy.  companies must start living in the world as it is, not how the company wishes it was by… Ø      Seizing the Day:  Now is the time to get ready to rock & roll!  Companies that were poorly managed or overleveraged are disappearing from the marketplace.  This presents unprecedented opportunities to increase the customer base and grab market share – if the company is preparing now for the economic recovery by setting…  Ø      "Big Hairy Audacious Goals".  Now is the time to examine and, if necessary, revise/change every aspect of the organization’s operation from hiring practices (so the company never again hires one of The Others) and compensation (develop an incentive based pay system) to performance improvement (change from managing to coaching) and process improvements (by letting the person doing the job improve the job process). Now is the time to instill the mantra of Doing More With Less and Doing It Better in every Manager, Supervisor and Employee because…  Ø      A Time of Change = A Time for Change:  Fear, as long as it is not mind numbing, generates the energy necessary for organizational innovation and change. Because of the fear created by the current economic devastation, everyone, even Employees who normally are resistance to any changes, is not only aware the old ways don’t work anymore, but willing to consider doing things differently.  This is the absolute best time to institute Organizational Change.The Bottom Line:  You can never be to Fast or to Furious when faced with a challenge like preparing for the Post-Recession Future and the reality of the Knowledge Economy.

Question: What are you waiting for? Fortune Favors the Bold (Virgil). What aggressive, ambitious plans are you making to be Fast & Furious?


Paul Glover, President                                                                                                                                                                           

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