Innovation requires new thinking

Thinking is the Root The starting point of all actions is your thoughts. This means that thinking is ultimately the main driver of the results you and your organization achieve. When your thinking is good, you have good results. And when your thinking is faulty, you get faulty results.


Thinking is the Root


The starting point of all actions is your thoughts. This means that thinking is ultimately the main driver of the results you and your organization achieve. When your thinking is good, you have good results. And when your thinking is faulty, you get faulty results.

In this way you can see your thinkingas the root of the  results.


We have approximately 50.000 thoughts per day.

Most of our thinking (90%) is repetitive; we are reliving the pastor worrying about the future.

So, only if you change your thinking, will you change your business and your results. Changing your thinking is a prerequisite for growth!




What is thinking?

Thinking is the activity of the mind, which creates mental pictures,self-talk, feelings and states of being. It includes imagination, fantasy,reactions and responses to sense impressions as well as association,sensitivity to sound, pictures, fragrance, touch and taste. The mind is externally driven by sensory input and internally driven by memories,association and the subconscious.


Types of Thought


There are four types of thought:


Positive (e.g. We have excellent products)

Negative (e.g. Our employees don’t want to change)

Waste (e.g. The competition will  be strong)

Neutral (e.g. We need to renew the contracts with our partners)



Where your attention goes your energy flows. And where your energy flows things grow. Your attention is really what you are thinking about.


In other words: if you think positively,you get positive results. The opposite is also true, if you think negatively, you produce negative results. Thinking determines how you experience your life. If you have the power of positive thinking then you areable to face whatever comes and remain light.

Positive thinking means to purposefully create positive thoughts and to resist negative thoughts. Thoughts also create feelings. If your thoughts havea positive significance, they produce an experience of positive feelings. If they have negative meaning, then  the experience is correspondingly negative. Wasteful thoughts are literally a waste of time. Neutral thoughts are necessary.

All this means is that you can train your mind to have as much as possible these positive thoughts: positive thoughts about growth, both as a business and as an individual.




Ecothinking: The New Thinking Styles

The circumstances in the world are changing rapidly. To respond adequately to those challenges it is fundamental to develop new ways of thinking and to ask the right questions. This is not an option; this is a mustif you want to grow.

Some styles, as listed below, you may already possess while others need more attention, study and practice. I give you the main new thinking styles, based upon extensive research. It is up toyou to further develop and internalize these thinking styles. I call this set of thinking styles: ‘Ecothinking’.Ecothinking is thinking based upon the interaction between employees, managers,leaders and the environment in which they operate.


  • Possibility Thinking

Most people can tell you what they don’t want, rather than what theydo want. Or why something won’t work, rather than what needs to be done to make it work. Thinking what is possible is much more energizing;it makes people enthusiastic and committed. And above all solutions are provided.


  • Integral Thinking

The ability to integrate ideas from different disciplines or sources into a coherent whole and to communicate that integration to others. Selecting crucial information from the large amounts available; arraying that informationin ways that make sense to self and to others.


  • Unorthodox Thinking

If you think like you did, you got what you got. In order to create new results, you need new ideas (=thoughts). Be confident to come up with entirely new perspectives. Going beyond existing knowledge and syntheses to pose new questions, offer new solutions, fashion works that stretch existing genres or configure new ones.


  • Visionary Thinking

Create a picture in your mind of the end result. And share that picture with others. In that way they know where they are heading towards andit makes it easier to align the different inputs.


  • Detached Thinking

Seeing the big picture. If you look at a football game when standingon the field, you have a limited scope of what is happening. Your vision will increase when you sit in the top ring of the stadium and the view becomes  even more whole, when you are in a helicopter flying above the field. The same is true for your thinking.

It is also crucial not to be attached to your own ideas, that will create an egoistic approach and you will no longer be open for thoughts from others.


  • Leveraged Thinking

It is stimulating to leverage ideas from each other, rather than to defend your own. When one comes up with an idea and everyone builds on it, the whole becomes more than adding up all the individual pieces.



So, what new thoughts are you having today?





Grow Your People, Grow Your Business!



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