• 04.24.09

Sony Stores Expand GreenFill Electronics Recycling Effort


The participation rate of 81 stores is nothing compared to, say, Nokia’s 5,000 collection points for old cell phones. But the company only takes back phones, and possibly as a result has a recycling rate of only 3% to 5%. Sony’s new program is a one-stop-shop for all electronics–just take everything you don’t need anymore and haul it over.

Once you give up your old cell phones and laptops to Sony, recycling companies like Electronic Recyclers either refurbish and sell the items or crush them and sell raw materials. 

Sony’s GreenFill program is starting at an opportune time. Everyone is ditching their analog TVs because of June’s digital switchover, and in the end, about 80 million old lead-filled TVs will be left homeless. It’s up to electronics makers like Sony to take responsibility for their products and prevent toxic materials from piling up in landfills.

[Via Greentech Media]AS