Bayer Brings 1,450 Sheep On Campus to Manage Landscaping


Yesterday, I wrote about the five most innovative Earth Day initiatives. But a two-week long green initiative from biotech company Bayer takes the crown for the strangest stunt this month. Bayer Healthcare has brought 1,450 sheep to its Richmond, California campus to graze on 17 acres of grass. The sheep, which are only hanging around for two weeks, will eat an estimated 115,000 pounds of grass and weeds on site.

According to Bayer, the flock, managed by Living Systems Land Management, will keep plant life at bay, encourage native plant growth, reduce fire hazards, and eliminate the need for gas-powered landscaping tools as well as pesticides and herbicides. It sounds great–so why is Bayer discontinuing the initiative after two weeks? By trucking in the sheep for such a short amount of time, the company is incurring a huge carbon footprint that outweighs any carbon savings from sheep-assisted landscaping. 

The sheep stunt isn’t the only green initiative coming from Bayer in recent days. The company’s CropScience divison announced this week a $1.1 million, 4 year endowment for the sustainable agriculture-focused Center for Global Produce Sustainability.

[Via Greenbiz]AS