Milan Report: Furniture Piles

At a gargantuan show like the Milan Furniture Fair, firms are not surprisingly desperate to distinguish their booth from all the rest. It’s a game of one-upmanship played out with plywood, wire and staple guns. How the furniture is displayed often ends up more memorable than the furniture itself.

Pile-up display-moustache

At this year’s fair the most noticeable display trend is a jumbled pile in the shape of a tornado or double helix, as with this arrangement by the new French firm Moustache.


In a few cases, like the Overdose Desk by Bram Boo, the jumble is actually part of the design.


You don’t have to go to Milan to see a furniture pile. The new Droog store in the Soho,
for example, contains this Maarten Baas pile, called Second Hand, available for shipping to
your home.

Plump Chair and Sofa by Tom Dixon

One variation on the pile: furniture upended as if waiting for the moving van, shown in this recent press photo for a Tom Dixon.


I can only guess that this trend derives from the preponderance at last year’s show of designs composed of piled objects, like the Stack storage trays by Shay Alkalay.

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