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Who says there can be too much of a good thing?  With the record number high school graduates last year, also came a record number of deferred admission decisions from the Ivy's (NY Times). For this top talent pool, used to a lifetime of abundance, being deferred from anything was not going to be their option. Instead of taking this lying down, they took their deferral notices and told the Ivy's where to put them.  These best and brightest took first place at top 2nd tier schools that welcomed them with open arms and tuition dollars. What this move on the part of these schools did was raise their bar and their status for years to come. These brightest will move their second tier schools forward with recognitions, placements, grants and donations that they could never have accomplished otherwise.

So what does this have to do with business?  As employers, we are blessed to have an abundance of talent out their looking to grace our businesses.  In many cases, I see entrepreneurs maintaining the status quo, and letting go of a few employees but not revamping their employee base to shift the odds in their favor. If 20% of your employees are doing 80 percent of the work, why are you not taking the same advantage of too much of a good thing to propel your business forward?  Smaller businesses fight for the talent pool in a robust economic environment. It is imperative that we take advantage of this downturn to garner the best and the brightest for our companies. Imagine how much further you can go with 60 or 80% of your employees doing 100% of the work? If you want to make sure you come out of this downturn in a position to succeed in the new economy, upgrading your team is a must.  Entrepreneurs are a loyal bunch, but we also must be loyal to our survival and the 20% that has carried us all these years. For years, we have forged ahead with our hands tied behind our backs as the large corporations could woo the best talent. Some of this 1st tier talent has been forced out of the corporations by economic challenges and bad corporate decisions. This talent is now looking for a place to call home.  They will be loyal top performers for years to come.  Is your door open?

Dealing with this mounting uneasiness that surrounds us each day can simply be a matter of shifting your perspective.  Centering your thoughts on the positive outcomes that can come to pass when you tweak the things that you do have control over will have you feeling a renewed sense of enthusiasm. You cannot know the future, but that doesn't mean that you can't do more to ensure success by actively changing that which can be changed.


Julie Sue Auslander, M.Ed, WPO, WBE
President / Chief Cultural Officer
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