Whole Foods Turning Banners Into Luxury Bags


The Glen Allen, Virginia branch of Whole Foods is turning its old retail banners into an unexpected luxury item: handbags. The store joined with recycled luxury handbag maker Passchal for the Passchal Whole Foods Banner Bag line, available in handbag, messenger bag, and clutch styles. Each bag is completely unique due to the variety of lettering on Whole Foods signs. 

It’s an ideal arrangement for the Glen Allen store–Passchal is located only 24 miles away in Richmond, VA.


Passchal’s Whole Foods line, launching tomorrow, will go for $80 to $120. That’s a bargain compared to Passchal’s other bags, that range from $175 to $575. All of the brand’s bags use pieces of recycled inner tube, recycled seat belts, and chrome-free, vegetable-oil dyed leather. The Whole Foods line will also have an LED light attached inside for those times when you can’t find anything in the dark depths of your bag.

If Passchal’s bags are too expensive, Alchemy Goods makes $29 bags out of Whole Foods banners. Who knew that advertisements for organic navel oranges were such a hot commodity?

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[Via Greenbiz]AS