“Green Nobel” Winners Get the Google Earth Mash-Up Treatment

goldman winners

This year’s seven winners of the $150,000 Goldman Environmental Prize (AKA the Green Nobel), given to grassroots leaders that take on government and corporate interests to improve their communities, are a motley crew.

They have combated toxic chemicals in Eastern Europe, fought mountaintop removal projects in Appalachia, exposed the illegality of a massive Chinese mining development project, increased government regulation of Bangladesh’s ship-breaking industry, and stopped government exploitation of American tribal lands.


This is undoubtedly an impressive array of accomplishments, but it’s hard to fully understand the impact of what the prize winners have done without some sort of visual aid. So the Goldman Environmental Prize created a Google Earth Outreach-sponsored tour narrated by Robert Redford to illustrate the winning actions. Check it out here–Redford’s tour turns drab words in a press release into a compelling story. 

[Via Goldman Environmental Prize]AS