RSA Conference 2009

If you’re going to spend five days discussing the arcana of information
security, you’ll probably need a little comic relief. That’s why
attendees at the RSA conference exchange “Fun Ribbons,” which feature
original tech puns and pick-up lines. Previous gems include “Brainy:
The New Black,” “Will Code for Food,” and “Ask Me About My Password.” We expect (even) better from this year’s crowd, especially since the keynote will be given by MythBusters
funnymen Jamie Hyneman and Adam Savage. “By the final day, you’ll see
people with ribbons all over their ID badges,” says Sandra Toms
LaPedis, general manager of the RSA conference. “They love expressing
their personality.” We’re laughing with them, not at them. — DM

Mon, April 20
Get Cracking
RSA Conference 2009
San Francisco

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