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Make Your Own Erector Set Furniture with Mekano

What if, when you didn't need that dining table anymore, it could be transformed into a bookcase or a chandelier? That's the idea behind this oversized erector set designed by Form Us With Love, a Swedish design collective:

The so-called "Man-sized Mekano" is made of masonite with plastic connectors, and the kit packs and ships flat. Unpack it and turn it into whatever you need—a room divider when a guest comes over, a coat rack for a party, or an extra kids table at Thanksgiving. It's being unveiled next week during the Milan Furniture Fair, at the Superstudio, a kind of satellite exhibition that showcases experimental design.





This is a kit that only an erector geek like me could love—it wouldn't work with most people's decor sensibilities. Still, modular, multi-use furniture kits are fitting for the Green Age. After all, no matter how "green" a new piece of furniture is, the fundamental dilemma we're still buying more stuff that we probably don't need. Modular furniture sets like this one could go a long way to solving that problem.

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[Via David Report]