Intel Wants to be Inside the Smart Grid


Everyone is angling for a piece of the smart grid’s multi-billion dollar pie, and Intel plans on taking the biggest slice. Wind turbine manufacturers already use the Intel’s embedded chips to control turbine vane pitch, rotation, and other variables in response to changing wind conditions and electrical load requirements.

Intel is already working on energy and management systems for buildings that would allow power meters and substations to communicate. And the chip-maker recently formed an alliance with General Electric to stream Internet data on TVs, which could be used to stream household energy usage information as well. Additionally, Intel Capital is investing in a number of smart grid companies, including smart meter company Gridnet.

According to Lori Wigle, Intel’s Eco-Technology General Manager, the company is also collaborating with the State Grid Corporation of China (SGCC) on a smart-grid project that will explore ways to put Intel embedded chips into transmission equipment. It’s a major coup for Intel–the SGCC controls 80% of mainland China.

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[Via Greentech Media]AS