Behance — the Sweat Conference — Kicks Off

The Behance conference, which calls itself the 99% Conference is about–well, how to say this nicely–well, sweat. As in Edison’s quote, “Genius is 1% inspiration, 99% perspiration.”

Scott Belsky

Enough with the ideas, already! The point, says Behance host Scott Belsky, who took the stage this morning at the posh Times Center in New York, is execution. How do serial entrepreneurs or other remarkably productive folks, actually make things happen in their lives?

It’s a question with particular relevance to these times. When has the world needed more of both ideas and execution? When have so many people had so much time on their hands to do just that–those of us, that is, who aren’t already working three people’s jobs as the privilege of staying employed?

“Most ideas never happen,” says Belsky. “It’s an uphill battle against the status quo and our own tendencies.”

Think, he said, of the half written novels, the unrealized cures for diseases, the fabulous social entrepreneurship projects that could happen if people just knew better how to go from the idea stage to the point where the rubber really hits the road.

Are there teachable principles here? We’ll let you know what we find out as the day, and a pretty remarkable line-up of doers, take the stage.

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