MacBook Pro’s Solid State Drive Climbs Everest Without Breaking a Sweat

Solid-state drives are taking over the world, and for good reason. They’re tiny, and consume very little power. But there’s one benefit that often goes unnoticed: Since they don’t rely on the delicate moving parts of typical hard drives, they can function in extreme conditions. That’s why a group of documentary filmmakers have taken their new solid-state equipped MacBook Pros on the road…to Everest.

It’s well-known that iPods go dumb at high altitude, and Apple’s official spec now includes the caveat that the maximum operating altitude is 10,000 feet (3000 m). But these climbers are posting blog entries and editing video as they trek toward the mountain’s peak with no trouble at all. Here’s the producer of the documentary describing the team’s high-altitude gear set-up:

The expedition is being performed under the auspices of Eddie Bauer and it’s First Ascent clothing line. But maybe they should have reached out to solid-state makers and Apple for sponsorship as well? Hard to get a better endorsement than the video above.

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[Via Cult of Mac]