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First Look: Peapod's Minimalist Electric Car

The Peapod Mobility is an all-electric mini-car with a four-person capacity and a grille that seems to smile. Sure, it only goes 25mph with a 30-mile radius, but the uber-cheap buggy will have green enthusiasts lining up to buy in fall 2009, when the car is set to launch.

Peapod Mobility

This week, the company released a series of photos of the never-before-seen production vehicle, revealing one particularly cool feature: it's a drop-top. Well, not a real one; it has a removable roof, making it technically a targa, not a convertible. Nevertheless, the barebones interior is sure to inspire some minimalist satisfaction in its customers, who will buy the Peapod for its simplicity.

Peapod Mobility

Among the features: woven, Aeron-chair-like seats and a well-integrated dashboard iPod dock. Check out the gallery at Jalopnik here.