Brian Eno Paints in Light Using Sydney’s Opera House as a Canvas


If you’re traveling to Sydney between May and June–or you already live there–you’re in for a glittering treat. On May 28th, musician Brian Eno, will unveil his “77 Million Paintings,” a light show projected onto the iconic Sydney Opera House. The piece began with hundreds collages, which Eno crafted by hand; those will then be infinitely remixed with software, and projected onto the building. The light show goes along with an entire slate of events and music, which Eno himself curated, and will coincide with Vivid Sydney, a series light installations created by three other groups, that will run through June 14. Here’s Eno talking about the project:

Eno has done versions of 77 Million Paintings before, in Venice, London, and San Francisco.

But Sydney will be the project’s biggest venue by far, and the first time it’s part of an expended-run, full-on, Eno-curated cultural extravaganza. You can find the performance schedule here. Another recent foray into “generative art” by the father of ambient music: The brilliant Bloom app for iPhone, which lets you peck out a scored light painting yourself.